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How We Work

Janine Grant Consulting is a consortium of senior consultants with diverse backgrounds, ranging from communications and community development to climate change financing, economic development and social protection. Our consultants bring a minimum of 15 years of experience in their field of expertise and are selected for projects based on their complementary skill sets and geographical experience. Unique to Janine Grant Consulting, the company utilizes an Advisory Board comprised of its most senior consultants to provide quality assurance services to all contracts and grants commissioned through the company. This process provides an additional guarantee of quality and efficiency for all our clients.

We are conscious of the reputation that international consulting companies have when it comes to providing services – parachuting in consultants for short timeframes, relying heavily on local ‘fixers’ to link them to networks, provide local context and translation. We are also aware of the carbon footprint that consultants bring to their work and feel that this is an unnecessary burden on the environment. As such, wherever possible, we use our network to identify high-quality consultants already based in the countries in which our projects are focused, reducing costs in terms of travel and translation, as well as leveraging their existing networks and capitalizing on their knowledge of and insights into local context that is hugely beneficial to our work, across the spectrum of interventions from analysis to capacity building, research to policy recommendations.



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