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Annual Report 2021

This report has been prepared by Janine Grant Consulting as part of its policy on transparency and accountability.

2021 was the year of perseverance – in our work, personal and social lives. Janine Grant Consulting did not go unaffected by the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Few opportunities for client investment emerged, and so our business model shifted to focus on raising awareness of our company among potential clients and continuing to invest in the development of knowledge products to support future bids and instill confidence in our clients that we can provide innovative solutions and advice on emerging needs in the sustainability sector. Our focus for the year was to work towards building partnerships – with individual and organizations – to enable us to leverage our message into wider forums. Janine Grant Consulting sponsored the Virtual Island Summit and partnered with the Leuser International Foundation, demonstrating a narrowing of our focus into the nexus of environmental sustainability, climate change and economic growth. Spear-headed by our Director for Partnership Development, Fakri Karim, these efforts both raised our profile as a boutique consulting firm in this sector but also demonstrated the substantive value that Janine Grant Consulting brings to both research and policy advocacy work.

With the appointment of the Partnership Development Director as the Lead Consultant for the Development Working Group for the Indonesian Presidency of the G20, Janine Grant Consulting has a promising 2022 ahead – niche advisory support, new opportunities for networking, and continued investment in research in the environment/climate change/economic growth sector. As with the rest of the world, our company moves towards 2022 with a new mindset, new ways of working, and builds on important lessons about being adaptive and agile in an ever-changing world.

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